Disappointed that the kids today don’t have cartoons like this one, they taught such good messages :/

"Am I a good man, Clara?"

"Uh, of course? You’ve been pretty consistently good, you just spend a thousand years of your life protecting one town from danger, seriously what reason would you have to think otherwise???"

I’ve never understood that shit

Like. So you believe 9/11 was a inside job. Why would they leave hints to this in movies and TV shows, hints that only make sense in retrospect

Supposedly it’s to get us used to the idea of it happening…but the event was shocking? What the hell are they even saying was going on

5 Tragedies Weirdly Predicted By Adam Sandler

I kind of love this Clickhole article b/c it’s a perfect parody of those people who believe that there were “hints” for 9/11 in media before 2001

I can’t believe people make moral judgments off of rap lyrics

Someone copying the style of popular rappers isn’t a sign that either party is an actual gangster. I mean, c’mon.

Tips For Being An Unarmed Black Teen

"Send them back to Africa"

First let me say, shut up you racist fuck. And secondly: the US actually did that once. They sent ex-slaves to Africa. A part of Africa with native populations, by the way, and not necessarily where the people sent there were from. The result was Liberia.